Date:14 November, 2017 (Tuesday)
Time:09:30 – 18:00
Venue:S221, S224-225, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Enquiry:(852) 2513 2513

When it comes to innovation, small ideas can mean big wins. The successful application of new ideas is crucial to a business’s ability to improve its workflow, offer new and better products and services, enhance its efficiency and, most importantly, boost its profitability.

As your trusted ICT partner, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) invites you to join the SPARK Innovation Expo on 14 November, 2017, and take further steps in pursuing innovation. This annual spectacular will inspire you to upgrade your business and identify new business opportunities through powerful smart solutions and innovation.

New Innovations. New Opportunities.

Corporates and business leaders who have led changes will be invited to share their stories and insights. The ambitious entrepreneur Ricky Wong will offer tips on growing business through innovation, while leaders from science and technology fields will discuss the role of agile innovation in streamlining your business. In the afternoon, the panel discussion bringing together pioneers of new business models will enlighten you on the secret of turning your innovative ideas into reality. Meanwhile, Din-Dong will talk about his experience of manifesting high-impact creativity with the help of technologies, other innovative leaders will demonstrate the power of analytics and chatbots.

All-round Smart Solutions Exhibition

Apart from the valuable views and insights of the above speakers, the exhibition will also offer you a hands-on experience of the latest solutions and technologies. The exhibition is divided into secure infrastructure, digital transformation, corporate sustainability and analytics, customer communications, business transformation, smart office and business efficiency zones, showcasing the amazing power of various innovations in enhancing business productivity and performance. The comprehensive support provided by Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) will further help you stride confidently in the journey of positive change.

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The first 100 registrants who attend SPARK Innovation Expo 2017 will receive a
Fuji Xerox Portable Charger!

Empower your business with innovation.
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